Espen Valberg

Espen is a PhD student from Norway. He holds a Master’s degree in science from the University of Tromsø, in the fields of mathematics, physics and geophysics. Before starting his PhD at the University of Tromsø, he worked as a geophysicist at a small oil and gas company in Norway.

The focus of research for his PhD project is the Vestnesa Ridge, a 100 km long sediment drift located on the western Svalbard margin. The Vestnesa Ridge is a prominent gas-hydrate province that is lying in close vicinity to the North Atlantic Spreading segments. The research area contains evidence for active fluid flow through the sediments (e.g. vertical chimney structures, seafloor pockmark depressions, gas leakage from the seafloor into the water column, etc.). The topics for his PhD project are seismic and geological modelling of focused fluid flow structures in marine sediments, and are thus to provide more knowledge and better interpretations of the observed features in the study area.