3rd International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage

Three of our STEMM-CCS researchers attended the 3rd International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage held at the beginning of May. The meeting was held in Oslo, hosted by the Research Council of Norway.

Left to right, Maribel García-Ibáñez, Marius Dewar and Anna Oleynik present their posters at the workshop (image courtesy Marius Dewar)

During the two day meeting, Maribel García-Ibáñez and Anna Oleynik from the University of Bergen, and Marius Dewar from Heriot-Watt University all presented posters of their latest work and results. In addition, Maribel represented the whole STEMM-CCS project and gave an update on our latest developments during the ‘Monitoring offshore CO2 storage/EOR’ session chaired by Katherine Romanak. She was also a member of the  discussion panel held at the end of the session.

Maribel García-Ibáñez presenting STEMM-CCS and participating in a panel discussion (image courtesy Marius Dewar)

Sessions were also held on value chains for offshore, infrastructure, offshore CO2 storage resource assessment and standards and regulatory frameworks. A brainstorming activity looking at the technical criteria and possible funding mechanisms for an international collaborative project was also conducted. The meeting concluded with a site visit to the Klemetsrud energy recovery plant.