Don’t forget to come and see us at GHGT-14!

STEMM-CCS are going to be in Melbourne at the GHGT-14 meeting from 21-26 October 2018. In addition to eleven oral and poster presentations from STEMM-CCS project members, we also have a stand in the main exhibition hall highlighting the projects aims and objectives, sharing some early results and showcasing the 2019 controlled release experiment that will take place at the Goldeneye site in the North Sea.

Session details for the STEMM-CCS related presentations are as follows:

Oral presentations

Session 2F - Environmental Impacts & Remediation
Professor Steve Widdicombe
Establishing an effective environmental baseline for offshore CCS

Session 5F -Monitoring- Separating Signal from Noise in the Environment
Mr Jerry Blackford
Ensuring efficient and robust offshore storage – the role of marine system modelling.

Session 6F -Monitoring- Novel Tools and Challenging Settings
Professor Matthew Mowlem
Biogeochemical sensors for offshore CCS reservoir integrity verification

Session 10F -Geochemical Modelling
Dr Pierre Cazenave
Regional modelling to inform the design of sub-sea CO2 storage monitoring networks

Kristian Gundersen
Combining models and machine learning techniques to design leak detection monitoring.

Poster presentations

Geochemical Modelling
Simplified Modelling as a Tool to Locate and Quantify Fluxes from a CO2 Seep to Marine Waters
Anna Oleynik, Kristian Gunderse, Guttorm Alendal, Hans Skaug, Helge Avlesen, Jarle Berntsen, Jeremy Blackford, Nello Blaser, Pierre Cazenave

Leakage Modelling
Prediction of Greenhouse Gas Leakages from Potential North Sea Storage Sites into Coastal Waters by an Unstructured, Multi-Scale and Multi-Phase Flow Model
Marius Dewar, Umer Saleem, Sorush Khajepor, Baixin Chen

Numerical Modelling of CO2 Flow throughSediments into Water Column
Umer Saleem, Marius Dewar, Baixin Chen

Can we use Departure from Natural co-variance Relationships for Monitoring of Offshore Carbon Storage Integrity?
Gennadi Lessin, Yuri Artioli, Jorn Bruggeman, Jerry Blackford

Monitoring: Geochemical Methods
Cseep as a Stoichiometric Tool to Distinguish a Seep Signal from the Natural Variability
Abdirahman Omar, Maribel Ibanez Garcia, Guttorm Alendal

Site Characterisation and Selection
Constraining Leakage Pathways through the Overburden above Sub-Seafloor CO2 Storage Reservoirs
Jonathan Bull, Christian Berndt, Timothy Minshull, Timothy Henstock, Gaye Bayrakci, Romina Gehrmann, Christoph Bottner, Bettina Schramm, Ben Callow, Mark Chapman, Naima Yilo, Marius Dewar, Baixin Chen, Umar Saleem, Hector Marin-Moreno, Giuseppe Provenzano, Anna Lichtschlag, Ismael Falcon-Suarez, Ben Roche, Rachael James, Doug Connelly, Juerg Matter, Judith Elger, Jens Karstens, Angus Best