Ismael Falcon Suarez

Ismael Falcon-Suarez is a geologist with a PhD in Civil Engineering and an MSc in Water Engineering. Ismael has been working in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) since 2010. His career in CCS started at the University of A Coruna, where he was involved in the Thermos-Hydro-Mechano-Chemical study of the CCS site of Hontomin, Burgos (Spain). As a result, he has advanced skills in hydromechanical analysis and geophysical monitoring of rock samples at laboratory scale (routine and special core analysis, transport properties, breakthrough pressure determinations), the design and assembly of experimental rigs for simulating real P-T conditions of reservoirs, and software for data processing and interpretation of results. He has also been engaged in a number of projects for the oil/gas industry, gaining experience in assembling, running and interpreting a wide range of geomechanical tests. Since October 2013, Ismael has been focused on the design and assembly of the experimental rig for CO2 storage experiments at the NOC, Southampton, resulting in a novel rig capable of simultaneously determining ultrasonic P- and S-wave velocities and attenuations, electrical resistivity (including tomography), axial strain and permeability (including relative permeability for variable brine:CO2 flow rates) of rock samples, replicating the differential stress conditions of real reservoirs